Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Magnetic Poetry - The Profound

Until the creativity in the apartment has been revived (which usually tends to happen around finals time as we search for ways to procrastinate), this will be the last post in this series. I always save the best for last, whether they be long or short or smart or tart. There are certainly good ones in the other posts, but these, in addition to being the best, are also misfits that didn't really work under the other categories.

A desperate plea. I'm not sure whether it is asking for world peace or inner peace, but who wouldn't want either?

You have to open your mind to new experiences, or you will never grow from the person you are.
 This was my epic (by magnetic poetry standards) poem. I'm quite proud of it, though I found it puzzling that the word "would" was nowhere to be found.

And finally, a bit of advice: Become a person you can be proud of, regardless of how anyone else feels.

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