Thursday, April 22, 2010

By Your (Solar) Powers Combined, I Am Captain Planet!

However much I may have loved the little monkey always riding on Ma-Ti's shoulder, I am not actually a muscular blue dude with green hair (though I guess I am weakened by pollution). Still, I agree with him.

Is using clean energy really that difficult? I mean, look:
Click to embiggen the image. Infographic taken from Pulse2, but originally made at the Land Art Generator.

See those tiny squares on the map? That's how much solar-panel-covered land would be necessary to provide power for our whole planet. Without pollution!

For people who are worried that this kind of thing would take away land we need for food because there is not enough food in the world and people are going hungry and how could you do this to them?!!, let me make four points.
  1. The amount of food is not really the problem. The problem really lies in the distribution (or lack thereof). 
  2. Take a good look at where those squares are located. The majority of the area appears to be located in deserts. There's plenty of non-arable and non-developable land ripe (despite not being fertile) for the laying out of solar panels.
  3. It's not like the photocollection has to be concentrated in those areas. Solar panels on everyone's roofs would probably do the trick too - this is just an infographic.
  4. Solar panels are only going to get better and better and converting light into electricity.
So there. No reason to vote for the retraction of California's Global Warming Solutions Act. Not that this was a political announcement or anything.
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