Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Magnetic Poetry - The First Steps

The Scientist in the Yellow Hat, now with new and improved features! Or a singular feature, anyway:
I've decided I will post some magnetic pearls of wisdom from our refrigerator each week for the next couple weeks (and then wait until I build up a large pile of pictures again, lather, rinse, repeat).

At the beginning of last summer, my roommate and I went to Games of Berkeley - the game store in downtown Berkeley. While there, we decided to get a magnetic poetry kit for our plain, boring fridge. Now, most of the kits also have plain white word magnets, but there were a few color-themed sets.

We immediately ruled out pink, which left green and blue. My favorite color is blue, while hers is green, so after asking the store clerk which color he liked (green) and taking into consideration the color of the furniture (blue), we flipped a coin. She won. Ah well. I guess I like green too.

Here are some of our original creations from that first month. We'll start with the slightly more poetic (yes, my camera's phone is myopic and cannot focus well close up):

The life story of a were-cookie?

Aww, how sweet. You're cool and wet, like a puppy dog's nose.

Although if we keep polluting, she's not going to be very beautiful for much longer.

An eye for an I makes the poem a bit more whimsical (and fills in a gap when all the other "I"s are taken).

 An epiphany, and quite fitting considering where it is being posted. Will it be for the good or the bad? Only time will tell.

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