Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magnetic Poetry - The Bio Episode

When 3 roommates (plus one boyfriend who is here quite often) majoring in various areas of biology collide with a green/nature-themed magnetic poetry set, the result is not the Higgs boson, but still pretty nerdy. The fridge has seen its fair share of these geeky sentences.

They put the words in our mouths...err, hands. I mean seriously, why else would you give people photo + synthesis in a green-themed set?
Yes, I would certainly hope so. Or we wouldn't have much left.

Oh no, all that classification stuff...it's like Bio 1B all over again.

While this one is not as directly true, you can make it so by eating the cheese (but not my Brie!).

And finally, they gave us the words for all the others, but you have to be really nerdy to make your own bio terms...
Thank you G. for bringing us back to the molecular and cell side of biology. I like meiosis more than botany.

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