Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is Halloween

The 25th Challenge showed its face a week or two before Halloween, so the theme was obvious. The story/poem required a jack'o'lantern, full moon and haunted house. The catch? You could not use the word "Halloween" at all.

Really, Officer, I Swear...
Midnight comes and goes around,
The moon in full, entirely round.
Shadowed on the porch I see
A pumpkin, carved...or could it be...
A glowing ghost, emerged to haunt me?!
No, just the children out to taunt me.
Really, I am completely sober,
On this, the last night of October.

Ingredients: Sugar, Craziness
"…then, when the moon’s full, he turns into a pumpkin! The Great Pumpkin!"

“So he’s a…were-jack’o’lantern?”

“Umm…yeah…Joey, you’re definitely mixing up a couple different stories there.”

“Seriously, just keep watching the haunted house! He’ll show up, any minute now.”

“Joey, you should probably stop eating that candy.”

Who You Gonna Call?
"Hey, it’s old Jack O'Lantern! Heard ya changed jobs. Whaddaya do now, Jackie?"

“I’m a Ghostbuster.”


“Sounds odd, yeah, but I’m on a haunted house call right now. Tag along and watch.”

“Nah, I don’t believe in ghosts. Plus, it’s a full moon, so the werewolves’ll be out hunting.”

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