Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Loopholes in the Rules

I try to take advantage of the rules of these challenges sometimes, and interpret them in ways other than the intended. Actually, I try to do that almost every time, not sometimes. That's the kind of thing that sparks my kind of creativity.

Challenge 24: The story must  involve a crossroad (literal or figurative) AND 'contain' the words North, South, East and West.

It must 'contain' the words? Hmm...

We're Where?

Another party of hikers passed the couple at the crossroads.
“Ask directions!”
“No need, Minerva, I have a map and compass.”
“Okay, Jeff. So where are we?”
“Okay, north is… Well, um, according to the map…” he looked up and pointed across the valley, “we’re on that mountain over there.”
Well, obviously a compass will contain all the cardinal directions ;)

World War III
June 3, 2010.

One nation, not under the UN, already divided, with liberty and justice for none.

North Korea stood alone against the might of South Korean, Western and Eastern civilization.


June 3, 2010.

A day to go down in world history – had the world not ceased to exist.
Obviously, I am not Paul the Prognosticating Octopus, as June 3, 2010 came and passed a year after I wrote this (fortunately). But hey, I never claimed to be a cephalopod.

The CSC (A Post-War Story)
He scuttled through the house’s crevices turning north here, west there, staying inside the walls despite the lack of people.

Eventually he arrived at a crossroads: it was either south or east, he remembered.
Glancing at his written directions, he decided.

Ahh, there it was, the annual Cockroach Survival Conference.
 This story was written in response to the question of who wrote the previous one if the world ceased to exist.

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