Friday, September 4, 2009

A New Semester

If I start apologizing for not posting regularly (although I have no readers), that's going to start my every post from now on. So I'll apologize now - sorry - and move on. I still don't quite know what I'm trying to do with this blog, but for the moment, it's just a place to post random thoughts. Whatever it is, it's my place, and I have no readers anyways, so I get to keep my freedom.

A new semester has started though, so I don't really have all that much time to write any more. My writing tends to happen in short bursts anyways. I have to be in the mood, and when I am, I can pour out a couple sets of feelings for my thoughts at the time and for the time I haven't been writing. So I'll probably end up writing 2-3 rambles at once and then spacing out the posts.

So let's begin the new semester by talking about it. I'm a biology major. Molecular and Cell Biology (or MCB, as it's known here), in fact. I have no worries about that giving me away considering that half the undergrad population seems to consist of MCB majors (and considering that pretty much nobody actually reads this).

So this semester, I'm only actually taking one MCB major requirement, a class on the Biology of Human Cancer. It's pretty interesting, and at least in the beginning, it's been overlapping a bit with my General Human Anatomy class, which is nice. The latter class is huge, some 700+ people, not a requirement for me. I, along with the majority of the class, took it for the teacher, Professor Marian Diamond. She's amazing.

Unfortunately, she's not teaching the class this year (only offered in fall) because she tore her rotator cuff muscles. Ouch. I hope she heals quickly, but I'm still going to continue with the class this semester rather than waiting. I don't know if it will fit into my schedule next year, and besides, the topic is interesting on its own too (I'm not pre-med though! at least not yet).

Next up is an Intro to Health Policy class that works as one of the electives for my Global Poverty & Practice minor (which I will be declaring this week). I was afraid that, being somewhat political, it might be a bit dry for me, but I've found it pretty interesting so far. It's probably because of the current battle for universal, affordable healthcare.

Lastly, I have two classes that were supposed to be mutually exclusive. Well, they aren't technically, but I'm on the waitlist for Elementary Japanese and Intro Linguistics is my backup. Yet I've been finding both interesting and wondering whether I might just take the backup as well (P/NP of course). That would leave me with 19 units yet again, and a whole bunch of stress. But...they're interesting! And I'm only going to have more MCB classes in the future, not less. Anyways, I'll wait until I'm in or out of Japanese to decide that.

But 19 units. That's a lot of work. I know, I've been through it. Pretty much every semester except last spring. On a possibly unrelated note, my registration times were early up until right after the semester when I took the minimum units, despite the fact that I still have a lot more than average overall. So who knows, maybe it'll get me an early Telebears again...

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