Friday, December 30, 2011

Flying High

Only one more to go, but before I get there, a little taste of something slightly longer. This is the "Cheating" Challenge, and was supposed to be 200 words maximum. Maximum?! What is this craziness? It's supposed to be 200 words EXACTLY. So that's what I did.

See if you can spot the Tom Swifty ;)

Challenge: Write a short scene in which a character "cheats."

Flying High
As Dorian settled the helmet on his head, he could feel the adrenaline rush starting. One strong kick and the motor began to thrum. He looked out over the scene in front of him and grinned. This was going to be fun.

With a twist of his wrist, the bike growled and came to life. Dorian leaned forward excitedly as he sped down the slope and then up again off the ramp.

Yes! Finally, he was flying again!

The familiar black-robed figure appeared floating by his side. “This time, you really are coming with me,” said Death grimly.

The audience cheered for their newly returned hero, then gasped as the realization struck them: with this trajectory, Dorian would never clear the last truck.

Dorian had been waiting for this. The stadium fell silent, he pressed the button, and the release from the hidden canister of compressed nitrogen pushed him to safety. The tire spun in the air two inches from the edge of the truck, and he landed to an eruption of cheers.

Pulling off the helmet, he looked to his left. The reaper was gone, and he had once again cheated death. Now that was what life was about.

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