Monday, November 14, 2011

SfN 2011

(Oops, never clicked publish on this post.

I am at the Society for Neuroscience Conference 2011! I opted to use the online version of the conference program because it had an itinerary planner that you could use with your mobile device. I knew there would be >30,000 people here. I still goggled at the length of the list of poster sessions, but when my friend picked up her physical, paper program, my jaw completely dropped to the floor (or it would've if it weren't hinged on to the rest of my skull). This is what it looks like:

7 books. 7 WHOLE BOOKS. Wow. It's a bit overwhelming.

The jet lag doesn't help either, so I'm going to go check out the 10-15 posters/areas on my list for this afternoon and head back to the hotel for a nap.

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