Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Been More Than Two Weeks...Sorry!

I have been rather negligent in keeping up with this blog for the last few weeks. Well, the reason for that is that I've been traveling/vacationing with family (still in India) now that my project is done. With all that and studying for the GRE and trying to read/skim a chapter every two days of the Lodish text because there's no way I'll actually get it done once school starts, it's pretty difficult to keep up with two blogs. So once again, I will redirect you to my project blog, Hands-On Science.

In fact, let me start you off with a recent post to give you a little background on just how well the educational system is working here. This is the reason I chose to do this project, though at the time it was more based on a general knowledge of my cousins' experiences. I didn't have such fine stories to tell until now.

And if that's not you cup of tea, then bear with me for a couple more weeks. This blog will be back to normal when I'm back in the US (and have gotten over my jet lag).

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