Monday, December 14, 2009

More That's Not Going In My Paper

I'll be more professional in my paper, but Joe Lieberman, you are an ass.

Although maybe I shouldn't call you that, since you're obviously not working with the Democrats (who chose a donkey for the party symbol anyways?).

The Democrats are quite willing to negotiate, because they need your vote to pass reform. Making new demands every time something is close to being settled is simply an abuse of your current power.

You were all for the Medicare buy-in 3 months ago. What happened? Are those insurance companies in Connecticut looking for a new board member when you're done with your term? Will you be the next Billy Tauzin?

Time is running out. People's desire for reform moves in waves. It didn't quite happen when Clinton tried it, although that was also partly his fault for going for perfect rather than enough. But now the wave is back, and if we don't get this done, it will move past, leaving 1 in 8 million Americans without health coverage. Again.

And Democrats: Lieberman isn't going to go for the public option anyways. And the public option is crucial to making sure premiums don't rise too high. So why not focus your efforts on one of the more reasonable Republicans instead? Someone who cares more about their constituents than about political ideology? Maybe Senator Snowe?

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