Sunday, December 13, 2009

Anatomy and Protests

Okay, anatomy was relatively easy. Except the final was a fiasco. The professor couldn’t get the projector working for the histology identifications, so it took over an hour before we could go back to the first 10 questions. Then it was too bright, so she turned off the lights. And then we couldn’t see our papers, and she kept flipping back and forth, and people were talking, etc. Didn’t feel like a final at all.

I have more to say, though, so oh well, there goes my 75 words.

The protests are still going on. On Friday, the police arrested some 60 people who were in Wheeler Hall to prevent them from entering locked classrooms and throwing an all-night hip-hop party that might disturb finals the next day (like anatomy). Well, quite a few of those in Wheeler were simply students who happened to be there, studying for finals because the hall was open 24 hours.

The next night, while we were in the anatomy chatroom on bspace (which basically hosts all the course websites), asking and answering questions, someone mentioned that she heard people marching past her house. Everyone just said they hoped that there wouldn’t be any protests during our final, and forgot about it.

In the morning, I found out what happened. According to the Daily Cal, close to midnight on Friday, a bunch of protestors marched to Chancellor Birgeneau’s house (which is inside the campus), carrying torches. No, nothing was burned, but they did vandalize the outside of the house. 8 of the 40-75 people in the original group were arrested, but only 2 of them were UC Berkeley students.

I hope nobody will take this as a reflection on the rest of the Open University protestors, because they are not affiliated. It really was as Governor Schwarzenegger said (though I hate to agree with him), “an act of terrorism.”

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