Sunday, November 22, 2009

UC Protests

If you haven't heard yet, the UC Regents are increasing fees by 32% this year. That means a $1000 increase in fees by next fall. This is a public university! It's meant to serve everyone, including those who would be left out of a privatized system, and to serve them damn well! All of the UC campuses are extremely good schools. Berkeley alone is in the top 10 for the nation in 35 out of 36 undergraduate departments.

I understand it's not completely the Regents' fault - the economy is putting pressure on the state government, which of course begins its chopping with education. The tuition increase doesn't affect me greatly - it's inconvenient, but my family can manage it. But I know plenty of people who can't. I'm not in the situation of the Regents, but there has to be a better way to deal with this than by placing financial burdens on the faculty, workers, and students (especially without consulting them).

Including all of its campuses (according to its website), the university represents some 220,000 students and another 170,000 staff and faculty. That is a lot of people, who are all in the powerful position of being involved in higher education. We've got the students, faculty, and staff banding together. 5,000 of them marched as one during the walkout on September 24. Can we not get the administration to join us and make the state hear our voice?

At any rate, I just saw this video from AggieTV. Way to hold the fort, Davis! We need to get the administration to see that we are serious.

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