Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Beginning of an End and a Beginning of a Beginning

Okay, time for me to be excited. I just got the keys to my apartment in Stanford's grad student housing today. It's actually pretty spacious, and furnished to boot. I a couple days, I'll start moving my stuff over and organizing everything, which will make me happy because my room at home is currently a total mess (it is over capacity - all available space is filled and even clean clothing must sit in piles).

The timing is perfect. All my traveling has been finished for a few weeks, and I've been heading towards being bored. Actually, I was afraid I wouldn't be bored by the time school started. This would be a disaster, because then I wouldn't want to start school and would have second thoughts about not taking a year off before grad and not be completely rested (because I wouldn't want to be burned out already!), etc. etc.

Turns out my summer was just more exciting than usual, and all I needed was 2 weeks of doing nothing to want to do something meaningful again. Phew. I feel ready to get back into things now. And actually having a schedule and work to do means I will probably return to updating this blog more often than once in 3 weeks. I hope.

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