Saturday, May 14, 2011

Up, Down, All Around

Look around you. No, seriously, take a look around you.

Where did you look? Maybe, like me, you looked to one side and saw a door, some blinds, still-hanging Christmas lights. Or you looked forward and saw a table, a chair, a television set. Perhaps you were even looked behind you and saw the back of the couch.

Did you look down? It's possible.

Did you look up? Probably not.

Our world has 3 spatial dimensions, but we often only pay attention to the 2 we move around in.

How can we escape this plain plane of existence? Let's start with the simple ways:

Get on a plane (the day after a massive snowstorm in Chicago).

Look down from the roof (at the UCSF Parnassus campus).

Doesn't have to be somewhere exotic (top floor of my apartment building).

Find interesting patterns.

And sometimes the little things get overlooked if you forget to look down.

Looking up is harder. Start by getting under something (bridge over the Berkeley Amtrak station).

Or in between tall things (heading up Powell St).

Roofs can have interesting stories too (the domes in the roof of the de Young museum are built not of stone but of cloth, to allow music from the organ pipes behind to permeate the museum).

This lesson again - even common subjects can have cool patterns when viewed from a new angle.

When you have a choice of down or up, pick the one you do least often (inside the Westfield mall).

And go Bears!

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